Vitali Spa is a diversified and innovative Group distinguished by its ability to control the entire supply chain and for its high technological profile.

Building is a way of life and a tradition for Vitali: it has been operating for three generations in the building industry not only in Italy, but also in several other Countries abroad. Our main activities are Real Estate Development and major Infrastructures (construction of roads, motorways, bridges, airport runways, etc.), Special Demolitions, decommissioning, quarrying, processing building materials, production of concrete and asphalt.
Vitali S.p.A. bases its success on customer satisfaction, its employees’ quality of life, ethical, environmental and social integrity; all these are essential prerequisites for the achievement of its economic, productive and social objectives. Customer satisfaction is based on the ability to understand and anticipate their needs and to offer a service that meets not only explicit requirements, but also, and above all, latent needs, as well as exceeding expectations, promptly identifying any change in circumstances.   Our Values