Our mission

Vitali S.p.A. bases its success on customer satisfaction, its employees’ quality of life, ethical, environmental and social integrity; all these are essential prerequisites for the achievement of its economic, productive and social objectives. Vitali S.p.A bases Customer satisfaction on the ability to understand and anticipate their needs and to offer a service that meets not only explicit requirements, but also, and above all, latent needs, as well as exceeding expectations, promptly identifying any change in circumstances.
Vehicles and equipment
Skilled men and workers
Production plants
Our history
VITALI S.p.A. was founded in the late eighties in response to the Vitali family’s vision to establish an organisation specialising in the building sector. The passion for construction is a tradition that has lasted for three generations, of course the use of technology was very limited in the past and the reference market was only the local one, nowadays Vitali is able to manage construction sites in Italy as well as Europe. Thanks to the strong commitment of the entire group, today VITALI is a leading company in Italy for the infrastructures and construction sectors.
The entrepreneurial business success is based on a deep-rooted corporate structure that has been consolidated over the years. Product quality, organisational punctuality, work capability and clarity of intent are the strengths of the company, which has positioned itself at the forefront of the emerging special demolition sector. Thanks to its experience and acquired professionalism, VITALI S.p.A. has been successful in securing important public and private tenders. A solid company structure capable to mobilise 350 men and 400 vehicles throughout the country, guaranteeing an intervention within 24 hours. The wide range of machines is made up of the most innovative equipment currently available on the market. The best service in terms of time and execution quality is guaranteed by state-of-the-art technology providing the utmost safety.